Grade 9 Curriculum

Grade 9 marks a crucial phase in a student’s academic journey. Our curriculum page for Grade 9 is designed to empower students with advanced knowledge, critical skills, and personal growth opportunities. Here, students will explore core subjects, career pathways, and develop the resilience and adaptability necessary for future success.


Strategically plan your academic journey to achieve your educational goals effectively.

Develop strong research skills to explore and analyse information for informed decision-making.

Cultivate self-awareness and continuous learning to enhance personal and academic growth.

Dive into the world of science, exploring its wonders and applications.

Make informed career decisions that align with your interests and aspirations.

Delve deep into career pathways, conducting research to choose the right professional direction.

Create a clear career plan with actionable goals to reach your desired destination.

Begin your journey towards success in competitive exams by developing a solid preparation strategy.

Elevate your public speaking skills for impactful communication.

Master the art of professional communication for success in your career.

Learn the art of storytelling and narrative communication to engage and captivate audiences.

Build and maintain professional relationships through effective networking and communication.

Sharpen your critical thinking skills for sound decision-making in various contexts.

Push the boundaries of creativity with advanced techniques and practices.

Develop lateral thinking skills to approach problems from new and innovative angles.

Practice mindfulness to reduce stress and promote mental well-being.

Cultivate adaptability and flexibility to thrive in a constantly changing world.

Create and support inclusive spaces and communities that embrace diversity.

Develop leadership skills that promote diversity and inclusion.

Culminate your learning journey with a capstone project focused on building the right mindset for success.

Master advanced techniques and skills in your chosen field.

Develop and express artistic concepts with depth and creativity.

Explore the history and context of art, gaining a deeper understanding of its significance.

Elevate your skills to an advanced level in your chosen area of expertise.

Analyse and evaluate performance in games and sports for improvement.

Build strength and conditioning for optimal physical performance.

Master advanced techniques and combinations in your chosen discipline.

Develop advanced sparring techniques and strategic approaches.

Strengthen mental resilience and focus for peak performance.

Learn about investments and effective risk management in the financial world.

Explore the complexities of financial markets and institutions.

Gain insights into economic indicators and their impact on financial decisions.

Understand the importance of ethics and social responsibility in finance.

Navigate taxation and government policies in financial matters.

Achieve mastery in intermediate-level skills in your chosen domain.

Engage in project-based learning to apply knowledge and skills in practical scenarios.

Create a personal portfolio to showcase your achievements and skills.

Learn how to launch and execute a successful start-up business.

Manage customer relationships and drive sales growth effectively.

Explore the world of global politics and governance.

Understand global health issues and strategies for well-being.

Dive into global technology trends and innovation.

Develop media and information literacy skills in a global context.

Explore global education opportunities and exchange programs for diverse learning experiences.

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