Pursue Passion.
Take Moonshot.
Reach Top 100 Universities.





The Harvard Mentoring Program


The Harvard Mentoring Program

Persue Passion.
Take Moonshot.
Reach Top 100 Universities.

About Lifology Harvard Mentoring Program

The Harvard Mentoring Program (HMP) is a transformative one-to-one personalized mentoring program designed for young adults from the 7th to 12th grade. Our mission is to empower students to excel academically, develop crucial life skills, and empower them to pursue their passion. The program empowers them to secure admissions to the world’s top 100 universities, including prestigious institutions like Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, and Oxford. What sets us apart is that this handholding is provided by eminent experts from industry and academia, each with a remarkable history of success.


Personalized 1:1 mentorship
Customized to individual needs
Guided by globally renowned mentors
Comprehensive and in-depth curriculum
Focused on all-round growth and development.
Exploring NASA
Nishita Prashant Khadilkar

Carmel Academy Higher Secondary School

Travelling to NASA to explore her passion in space science.

Published Author
Omkar Parameswar

Trivandrum International School

Published his first book from the UK

Faculty Member,
National University of Singapore
Anirudh Ajith

National University of Singapore

Converted passion to profession. Arrived at his dream career.




Lifology Harvard Mentoring is dedicated to fostering comprehensive development in individuals. Our  programs that are meticulously crafted based on the comprehensive ‘Life Curriculum’, is strategically designed to propel you towards excellence. The curriculum shall be customized to each individual, though it follows a larger framework.

Grade 12

College and Career Readiness
College Application
College/UCAS/Common App
Portfolio Development
Career Pathways
Competitive Examination

Grade 11

College and University Exploration
Country Selection
Financial Planning for Higher Education
Portfolio Development
Strategise College Application
Advanced 21st Century Skills
Entrepreneurial and Innovation Skills
Advanced Subject Learning

Grade 10

Career Planning
Academic Planning
Cementing Future Skills
Finalizing Competitive examination of choice
Portfolio Development
Collaboration and Conflict Resolution Skill Development
Enhancing Presentation Skills
Advanced Leadership Skills
Command over Global Future Perspectives

Enrollment Process


Express Interest

To begin your journey with the Lifology Harvard Mentoring program, teenagers interested in joining should express their interest by completing a brief Enrolment Application form on our website. This initial step simply signals your desire to participate in the program and allows us to take the next steps.



Lifology Harvard Mentoring is not for all but for the most passionate and gifted. To ensure a strong alignment between your aspirations and the program’s objectives, we will engage in a conversation with both the student and their parents or guardians. This dialogue helps us better understand your goals and what you hope to achieve through the program, ensuring a tailored and effective mentoring experience.



After successfully passing the screening process and agreeing to the program’s terms, conditions, procedures and schedule, you shall be formally admitted to the Lifology Harvard Mentoring Program, granting you unfettered access to its invaluable resources and expert guidance.


Program Kick-off

The program officially launches with an exciting kick-off event. During this event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet your mentors, marking the beginning of your shared mentoring journey. This moment is filled with enthusiasm as you embark on your path toward personal growth and development.



Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders Today

Unlock unparalleled potential with Lifology HMP’s elite guidance. Shape your future with mentorship from industry titans and academic luminaries, paving your path to the world’s top institutions. Your ascent to greatness begins now.


Our students gain access to a global landscape of opportunities and pathways.



Incredible Experience Awaits You.

Embrace the Lifology Harvard Mentoring experience, where boundless possibilities align with your unique aspirations. The horizon of your dreams is closer than ever. Step in, and let’s redefine extraordinary together.


Are you ready to take the next step to your dream life?