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Your Path to Academic Excellence and Beyond

Harvard Metoring, the flagship program of Lifology, is a ground-breaking mentoring initiative meticulously designed to cater to the educational and personal development needs of students ranging from the 7th to 12th grade. Our overarching mission is to equip these young minds with the tools and knowledge necessary to not only excel academically but also to thrive in an ever-evolving world.

Lifology Harvard Mentoring Program is committed to paving the way for our students to secure admissions to the world’s most esteemed universities, including renowned institutions such as Harvard, Stanford, Kellogg, and Oxford. Unlike traditional tutoring services, our approach is rooted in holistic growth, empowering students with 21st-century skills, and providing unwavering support throughout their educational journey. What truly sets HMP apart is the calibre of our mentors – eminent experts hailing from both industry and academia, each bearing an impressive track record of success.



Holistic Growth and Academic Excellence

What truly sets HMP apart is our unique ‘LIFE Curriculum. ‘ Unlike standard educational plans, the LIFE Curriculum is designed for transformative, all-rounded growth.

This isn’t just another program; it’s a life-altering journey meticulously crafted by global experts educated from Harvard, London School of Economics, IIM (A), Cambridge, National University of Singapore and people working with conglomerates such as Google, Facebook, Apple and so on.

With the LIFE Curriculum, you’re not just learning — you’re evolving.

Global Avenues

Unlock international opportunities with our guidance. From Model United Nations (MUN) to Summer Schools and Global Scholarships, we pave the path to your global journey,




Marilyn Maze

Executive Director APCDA

“Lifology is the most exciting new emergent in the global Career Guidance paradigm”


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