Grade 12 Curriculum

As students approach the final year of their high school journey, our Grade 12 curriculum page guides them toward college and career success. With a focus on advanced academics, leadership development, and comprehensive career preparation, we help students take the next steps with confidence and competence. Join us in this exciting chapter of your educational journey.


Prepare for college and careers with a focus on essential skills and knowledge.

Successfully complete college applications with attention to detail and completeness.

Make informed decisions about your education and career path, finalizing your choices confidently.

Smoothly transition into college or the workforce with readiness skills and knowledge.

Develop leadership qualities rooted in strong ethical principles.

Lead effectively in complex and challenging situations, demonstrating adaptability and resilience.

Enhance your information literacy skills for in-depth research and analysis.

Apply problem-solving and decision-making skills effectively in both personal and professional scenarios.

Evaluating risks and uncertainties associated with decision-making and applying risk assessment techniques and decision analysis tools

Engage in reflection and continuous improvement to enhance personal and professional growth.

Reflecting on problem-solving experiences and decision outcomes and identifying areas for improvement and learning from mistakes.

Pursue independent artistic projects, showcasing your creative talents.

Collaborate with other artists and engage with your community through your art.

Develop a comprehensive portfolio that aligns with your chosen career path.

Master advanced tactical skills specific to chosen sports or games

Explore sports coaching and officiating for those interested in sports management.

Discover career pathways in sports management and related fields.

Elevate your skills in advanced combat and self-defence techniques.

Prepare for advanced competition and performance in your chosen discipline.

Integrate martial arts principles with wellness for holistic personal growth.

Focus on personal growth and reflection to become your best self.

Present your work through showcases and exhibitions to a wider audience.

Lessons on lifelong learning and engagement in your chosen field.

Follow up on your projects and goals to foster growth on Entrepreneurship

Consistently monitor progress and reaffirm your dedication to your objectives on global perspective.

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