Grade 11 Curriculum

Grade 11 is a significant stepping stone towards college and career readiness. Our curriculum page for this grade equips students with advanced subject knowledge, refined skills, and a comprehensive understanding of their future paths. Explore our diverse range of courses and embrace the challenges of higher-level learning.


Dive deeper into advanced subjects, expanding your knowledge and expertise.

Engage in hands-on learning through projects to apply your knowledge in practical scenarios.

Culminate your academic journey with comprehensive capstone projects showcasing your skills and knowledge.

Explore college and university options to make informed decisions about your higher education.

Navigate the college application process with guidance and support.

Strategize your finances for higher education to achieve your academic goals.

Continue developing advanced leadership skills for various contexts.

Lead effectively in diverse environments with cultural awareness and adaptability.

Enhance your creative problem-solving abilities for innovative solutions.

Apply your problem-solving skills to real-world challenges and scenarios.

Develop a structured decision-making process for well-informed choices.

Continuously monitor progress and reaffirm that you are following activities for your mindset and mental well being

Hone advanced techniques and refine your skills in your chosen field.

Dive deep into conceptual development and research in the arts.

Showcase your artistic creations through exhibitions and presentations.

Master advanced technical skills to excel in your chosen art form.

Analyse your performance and receive constructive feedback for improvement.

Explore sports science and biomechanics for peak athletic performance.

Achieve mastery in techniques and forms in your chosen discipline.

Explore advanced training methods to enhance your skills and abilities.

Delve into the philosophy and ethics underlying martial arts.

Expand your projects and collaborate with others to achieve larger goals.

Develop entrepreneurial and innovation skills for creative ventures.

Continuously follow up on entrepreneurship

Consistently monitor progress and reaffirm your commitment to your goals related to global perspective

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